Sunday, April 3, 2011

A little Sunday inspiration

Good Sunday morning to you all! I hope your weekend was much more productive than mine! Hopefully, today I will magically be able to get it all done, we will see..... Good news is instead of doing the things I am supposed to be doing right now, I decided to share a little eye candy with you:

  • This and this outfit is just about perfect in everyway. I want both of these, so pretty!

  • I totally feel this way this morning!

  • This print is just sooo cute, I also would like a beachcruiser for two so I could take my girl for a bike ride!

  • I definitely need this sign up in my house! Hee-Hee!

  • And ummm, yeah, I am in definite need of making this to hang on our walls! LOOOVE IT!

  • Loving this too!

  • I am not a big pie fan, but I am a fan of mini things like this! It would be sooo cute for a get together!

  • I wanted to make dresses like these last year, maybe this year is the year and now I must make those flower belts as well! I do have that 2nd tutorial and I will get around to posting it someday! This mama needs a prolonged little vacay soon so that I can recharge! Toodles....