Saturday, May 7, 2011

a little catch up

So hello and happy Saturday to you all! I thought since I had been m.i.a. for about a month a would give you an extra helping of craftiness today! Here goes....

I made this cork sculpture because I had way too many wine corks and wanted to do something fancy with them

and then I saw this and laughed because had I seen this before producing above picture, I might have just tried to reproduce something of its nature, because I like to complicate things like that...

Also, I decided today I was going to step outside of my "What if I fail" box, because I've been preaching it to my students that you have to fail over and over again to really learn something. So I decided to sew my daughter some clothes, without legitimate patterns. I just traced around some the existing clothes she had and came up with these two things:
I made the skirt from t-shirt remnants,(my husband finally cleaned out his white t-shirt drawer and gave me a ton so I've been looking for ways to use them.), and knitted leaves and flowers that I had laying around.
On the dress, I ended up using fabric that I bought, oh, about 3 years ago, hoping to have sewn myself or my little Monet a skirt or something from it, but never got around to it. I used some soft leather that I had saved from a necklace kit for the straps and then sewed on some wooden buttons.

I am pretty proud of myself for doing this today, but let me just tell you there are a TON of mistakes and I am not too sure they will actually fit her, so I will just have to keep you posted.

My last pic is a project that I chose for my art students that I teach privately. We made sculptures from salt dough(bird, hearts, man, hat, arm)to adhere to wooden canvases so that we could have parts of it 3D. Here is mine, I will have to keep you updated on what theirs turns out like.

Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and are shown how much you are appreciated and loved!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Time ticks on...

I know, I know...almost a whole month and nothing. No updates, no crafty projects, no eye candy inspiration. I had high hopes to update this blog on a weekly basis when I first started, but alas, life has been getting in my way. I am making a promise to myself and the other people who sometimes might happen upon my blog to make more of an effort to update, even if it's less than a stellar post...maybe just a little snippet or two about how I'm feeling. Here are some pics to illustrate happenings in my life during my said absence:

We've been brushing teeth like crazy due to dental experiences that we do not want to have to repeat!

taking some down time for a quick knee surgery

spending quality time with family on the holiday

and planning a baby shower

Now, we just have to jump over the strep throat hurdle and we'll be golden...hopefully:)