Friday, February 25, 2011


Just wanted you all to know that I got picked for Imaginative Blooms weekly picks! Soo excited!

go check it out:

I am just too giddy! I am doing my little happy dance in case you didn't know....

Oh, yeah, I did it, Oh yeah, I did it...

I just successfully finished what I consider to be a bigger knitting project. I just finished knitting a capelet from the book Gifted! And I love it except I love it on my daughter! I think I will make another one for me and make it longer!

Here it is:

I am soo excited and proud of myself! I know, dorky, right? But, this is the beginning of my knitting adventures soo......

I can't wait to start adding some knitted trims to my tanks for the summer....oh yeah...I'm learning to knit some trims too! I am soo giddy when I learn new things. Anyhoo...nothing much else on the crafty front but those things. Talk to you soon!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby steps...

To my little Monet,

It seemed just yesterday that I was rocking you in my arms, feeding you, and just plain lovin your babiness. Today is your first day of preschool and I couldn't be more excited! You are about to embark on a fabulous adventure that I hope you will love. I know you are scared and don't want to leave Mommy but I promise that you will have sooo much fun. You are strong and beautiful and smart so don't forget that EVER! Go out into the world and have some fun!



Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a lot like love...

So, this weekend has been crazy. We threw my niece her 6th birthday party and I think(even though it was planned at the last minute)it turned out well. I hate having things thrown at me. I like to think about what it is(like planning a party) that I want to do, let it stew and marinate and see what I come up with. However, I can also wing it, which is kind of what we did to ensure that this little girl had a birthday party. I did however come up with this wire and fabric and yarn sign the day before for one of her birthday presents. I like it so much I am creating one for my Monet(per her request of course) and maybe one for our bedroom, who knows????

I got a little derailed this last week as my little Monet decided to get sick on me and make me have to scramble to call 16 parents at the last minute to cancel Art class. So, I started to get my etsy shop up and running but no luck in that department. I think this week might be promising though! I did have time to finish up some boot cuffs for Monet, but please excuse the blurriness as her feet would not stay still long enough for me to take a picture! She was doing her happy dance!

Here are a couple of party shots;

Gotta go, my Monet is bugging me to bring in the extra balloons from the party from the to you all later! Have a fabulously crafty day!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's, Schmalentines!

Hello out there to everyone in the world! It's Tuesday and I am feeling alot better now that I have a little sleep under my belt. You see this past week, I have been getting up in the middle of the night or staying up late because sleep is eluding me. However, last night I took an all natural sleep pill and was able to sleep REALLY well for the first time in a little while. I definitely feel less cranky and able to conquer the world!

How was everyone else's Valentines? Do you have someone in your life that believes in doing something extra special for you on this day, or do you have someone in your life like mine that hates media created holidays? Anyhoo, he's a spoiled sport when it comes to that stuff, but in his defense he did take the little one and I to sushi! Yum, so I can't really complain, right????

I am very excited because very good friends of ours are coming in at the end of the week and I might get some girlfriend time in twice this week. That's right, TWICE! Which is a big deal, because all of my friends are supermoms and are extremely busy all the time! It is definitely a guilty pleasure to get to have some friend time.

Also, this morning after breakfast, I was commenting to my daughter about the fact that she needs to make sure that she marries someone who does the dishes, and her reply with total 4 year old attitude was, "Yeah, you didn't". I died. She just says the darndest things.

This week I am grateful for:

~all natural sleeping pills
~little girls who say the darndest things!
~Mother-in-laws who teach you how to crochet...yes, I am learning! woo hoo!
~Friends who stay friends even when they move away!

I have been busy working on trying to get pictures taken for my etsy shop! Hopefully, I will get it up and running by week's end. I'll keep you posted! Until then....

Friday, February 11, 2011

just wanted to see...

I just got done playing on picnik and wanted to see if it uploaded well to my blog. Let's have a look see, shall we?

It's Friday I'm in love....

Today is going to be a fun day. Lots of stuff to do. Lots of stuff to do. Lots of stuff to do and all I want to do is stay home and get crafty. I've got some ideas in my head that need to get out. Alas, I must do what I have to do....(clean, run errands, laundry...all that fun stuff).

However, me and my mini Monet are going to go to an indoor play structure called Child's Play today which I am very excited about and so is she, so there is thaaaatttt......

I am so indecisive with my blog, I think I might change the color scheme today. I need to make it crisp, clean, and SIMPLE! wish me luck! Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

a little of this, a little of that

so....the household is just finally getting over being snotty and coughing, thank goodness! Even though we were sick, we still managed to get artsy over here...check it out....

A little Valentines craftiness...and a little more art...

This weekend I need to get pictures of my stuff done, so that I can open up my etsy shop! And I need to get my desk finished in our artroom so that project can be finished! There is lots to do and not enough time! Whew! wish me luck!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Moving on...

So, what have I been up to the past couple of days you ask? Well, there's a little of this...

and some of these to go on those....

(they will look totally different once fired). I have also been working on making more of this because my lil Monet is in her headband stage so I thought I'd have a go at it. (I am at the beginning of my knitting adventures, so please don't judge.)

Our household though is working through knee sprains and head there is much more craftiness to come as I don't think we are going anywhere today. Will keep you's hoping you have a healthy and happy Friday!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's on like donkey kong....

Okay, so here we go...a journal of sorts to get what's in my head out. A crafty adventure in the making...