Monday, May 2, 2011

Time ticks on...

I know, I know...almost a whole month and nothing. No updates, no crafty projects, no eye candy inspiration. I had high hopes to update this blog on a weekly basis when I first started, but alas, life has been getting in my way. I am making a promise to myself and the other people who sometimes might happen upon my blog to make more of an effort to update, even if it's less than a stellar post...maybe just a little snippet or two about how I'm feeling. Here are some pics to illustrate happenings in my life during my said absence:

We've been brushing teeth like crazy due to dental experiences that we do not want to have to repeat!

taking some down time for a quick knee surgery

spending quality time with family on the holiday

and planning a baby shower

Now, we just have to jump over the strep throat hurdle and we'll be golden...hopefully:)

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