Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a lot like love...

So, this weekend has been crazy. We threw my niece her 6th birthday party and I think(even though it was planned at the last minute)it turned out well. I hate having things thrown at me. I like to think about what it is(like planning a party) that I want to do, let it stew and marinate and see what I come up with. However, I can also wing it, which is kind of what we did to ensure that this little girl had a birthday party. I did however come up with this wire and fabric and yarn sign the day before for one of her birthday presents. I like it so much I am creating one for my Monet(per her request of course) and maybe one for our bedroom, who knows????

I got a little derailed this last week as my little Monet decided to get sick on me and make me have to scramble to call 16 parents at the last minute to cancel Art class. So, I started to get my etsy shop up and running but no luck in that department. I think this week might be promising though! I did have time to finish up some boot cuffs for Monet, but please excuse the blurriness as her feet would not stay still long enough for me to take a picture! She was doing her happy dance!

Here are a couple of party shots;

Gotta go, my Monet is bugging me to bring in the extra balloons from the party from the to you all later! Have a fabulously crafty day!

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